The Insight Global Family Foundation’s (IGFF) mission is to help our people, including consultants, with unexpected life emergencies, and the financial strain created by an acute event. By providing short-term, emergency assistance to address specific needs, IGFF’s goal is to assist our employees so they can overcome these unforeseen life obstacles and continue their personal and professional development.

How can I apply for a grant?

Click on Apply for a Grant and enter your information and click submit. The request will then go into the IGFF queue, where all cases are to be reviewed and passed on to the IGFF Committee (if criteria is met). All cases are eligible for up to $10,000 in financial assistance with no expectation of repayment.

*Please do not apply on behalf of an in-house team member or consultant. Direct them to apply for themselves per the link above. In reviewing cases, the committee must talk with the employee directly to ensure all criteria is met and privacy is respected.*

What is the eligibility for contracted consultants?

A contracted consultant must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply for a grant:

  • Must be a current consultant with at least six (6) months of accumulated service at Insight Global
  • Must have an active, Insight Global Sponsor; most often, this will be your assigned point of contact during your most recent engagement (e.g., Account Manager, Consultant Engagement Lead or Professional Recruiter)
  • Enduring a personal financial hardship based on an acute event
  • Supporting evidence of need, including specific costs for which the funds will be applied (e.g., auto repair bill, medical bills, rent statement, etc.)

What qualifies as a short-term financial hardship?

Grants are approved at the sole discretion of the IGFF Committee. To ensure that the effort is sustainable and consistent with IGFF’s mission, the committee does consider certain criteria when assessing grants. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of hardships that are more likely to qualify for a grant:

  • Unpaid medical bills arising from an unexpected illness or accident
  • Short-term cash needs brought on by an emergency, such as housing assistance, car repairs, travel costs, or utility expenses
  • Financial assistance needed to ease hardships associated with the care of a child or close family member(including a pet) in which the employee is held directly responsible, financially.
  • Relief sought after a natural disaster (i.e., housefires, tornados, etc.)

See ‘What is a Financial Hardship?’ for more information.

What type of requests are not likely to be approved?

Generally, the committee is more likely to award grants to cover specific, identifiable costs arising from an unexpected hardship that directly impacts an Insight Global employee or consultant. Therefore, because funds are limited, grants are typically not intended to provide income replacement in the event of job loss or used as paid sick leave, as there are existing federal, state, and local programs designed to address those needs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of hardships that are not likely to qualify for a grant:

  • Long term expenses that are reasonably expected and could have been budgeted for (i.e., student loans, credit card debt not caused by the hardship, mortgage payments, and rent payments)
  • Expenses that are not directly linked to and effecting the IG employee (i.e., assisting another family member who is not employed by IG with their financial hardship)
  • Any expenses that the employee or consultant is not directly financially responsible for.

Once I have submitted my application, what should I expect? How long should it take?

The committee will review a request for assistance and make a preliminary determination within three weeks of submittal. The committee can, at its discretion, act sooner in cases that require urgency.

Following receipt of your request, your requested sponsor or a grant committee member will reach out to you to get additional details for the committee’s consideration in reviewing your application. The more detail you can provide about specific expenses with which you need assistance, the better the committee can assess your situation.

If, and once the Committee has approved a case and an allocated amount, a wire into the employee’s active bank account at IG or physical check will be mailed directly to the employee.